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Artist Statement

     Porcelain is a perfect medium to set off the delicate images cast from actual leaves and plants I collect while hiking in the mountains of New England. I experimented with clays, molds and painting techniques for several years until I created an image in relief so realistic that people wonder if the branches and flowers are actually on the surface!

     Each exquisite tile, plaque and dinnerware piece is unique, individually sculpted from our custom-mixed clay. Porcelain is finer in nature, picking up intricate textures.   It combines elegance with a compact body… people associate it with the “ring” of fine china. However, porcelain is preferred because of its density and strength. A special diamond bit or saw blade is needed to penetrate it!

      Colorful underglazes are meticulously hand-painted, and a glass glaze is applied for a protective finish. All glazes are fired into the clay at a high temperature. The result is a work of art that is as beautiful to touch as it is to behold.

      I love that people can collect and enjoy Stillwater’s beautiful, hand-crafted pieces for years to come; to accent their fireplace or kitchen, add elegance to a dinner party or hang on a wall to be enjoyed on its own.

*Our durable porcelain art is weatherproof, chip-resistant, and microwave and dishwasher safe.