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Rich, deep-red crabapples are bursting from the branches in stunning relief.  Rustic brown tones and golden highlights augment the green leaves for realism and character.


Sprigs of juniper are appearing to lay atop our porcelain pieces, with outstanding realism.  The delicate blue berries and breathtaking textures of these pieces are unsurpassed !

queen anne's lace

The glorious intricacies of the delicate flowers of Queen Anne's Lace are represented by every raised white dot, every feathery green accent. The detail of the relief is palpable.

lady's slipper

The bulbous effects of this orchid are very dramatic, with blushes of pink and meticulously painted veins. This design has outstanding relief.

winter rye

Meticulously painted, the delicate stalks of rye grass are realistically depicted with their feathery tassels. These pieces portray simple elegance.

pine bough

Each needle is hand-painted, emerging from this plaque with detail so realistic the scent of pine is suggested! The intricate branches are painted in rich mahogany brown. Not pictured: Pine dinnerware pieces are finished with a shiny glass glaze.

maple leaves

Hand-painted maple leaves capture the brilliant colors of autumn. Delicate veins texturize the leaves, resulting in stunning realism.


Herb tiles are painted to accentuate the dramatic textures of the leaves.  This line is unique to Stillwater tile, with the images in pronounced relief.


The detailed, raised images are sculpted from molds that are created from actual shells. Glistening sand dune glaze, with a matte finish, surrounds the life-like specimens.

twig and bark

Trim is used to frame panels and murals in tile installations. It is incredible realism in porcelain, washable and durable. The 1" twig trim is available in several colors. ...a perfect natural accent, complimenting our branches and floral designs