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Porcelain combines a dense body with elegance.

This is possible because porcelain clay is finer in nature than most clays, picking up very intricate textures; the result being a tactile work of art that is stunning and unusual. 

Re: The association of porcelain with the “ring” of fine china: It is important to note that a thin, translucent porcelain vase is possible because of the density (non-porous quality) of the porcelain. Stillwater’s porcelain pieces are normal thickness for dinnerware and tiles, therefore are extremely durable. Porcelain clay is less commonly used because it is expensive, and the fact that it is more difficult to manipulate. However, once it is fired, the results make all the effort worthwhile!

Our custom-made porcelain clay is fired to 2150 degrees; the colored glazes and glass finish are fired into the piece during this process.

Our durable porcelain pieces are weatherproof and chip-resistant.  They are also microwave and dishwasher safe.

The characteristic beauty of hand-sculpted, hand-painted porcelain artwork is its subtle variations of shade, color, texture and size. Product produced for individual orders may vary slightly from displayed or previously made items.