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15” x 5” Purple Phlox Plaque

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    Phlox, 'Blue Paradise', shows off purple-blue wild flowers that appear to change color throughout the day! It grows 3 feet tall, lending itself to a striking porcelain wall plaque. This piece of lively ceramic art captures the colorful array of delicate mid-summer blossoms.

    Display in a grouping with Stillwater’s floral plaque designs, as its own eye-catching statement.

    Stillwater's durable ceramic art is handmade from high quality porcelain clay. We promise that there will be slight variations; that each botanical wall plaque is unique and has been given individual attention.

    All plaques are available in a light-washed blue or green background. Call to request, or specify in “Comments” section of the online order form. 10% additional charge will be added for colored washes.

    Add approximately 2 weeks ETA for custom order.