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15” x 5” Bee Balm Plaque

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    Attractive to bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, the bee balm flower’s petals radiate glorious reds, pinks, and purples. Presented in detailed relief, vivid colors of this wildflower bee balm plaque are meticulously hand-painted for stunning realism, with glazes that are fired in.

    Display in a grouping with Stillwater’s floral plaque designs, as its own eye-catching statement.

    Stillwater's durable ceramic art is handmade from high quality porcelain clay. We promise that there will be slight variations; that each botanical wall plaque is unique and has been given individual attention.

    All plaques are available in a light-washed blue or green background. Call to request, or specify in “Comments” section of the online order form. 10% additional charge will be added for colored washes.

    Add approximately 2 weeks ETA for custom order.