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Herb 12" X 18" Panel

Item #: FL501-12X18P
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    Stillwater Porcelain’s exquisite 12” x 18” Herb Panel, meticulously hand-painted, depicts each feathery leaf and tiny bright blossom with such realism the herbs seem to leap off the tile !

    Stillwater’s elegant porcelain herb tiles are sculpted from molds that are created from actual herb plants.  Delicate sprigs of marjoram and thyme, fennel with bulbous stems and intricate feathery plumes, the striking colorful flowers of the garlic plant, and the ruffles of parsley leaves are some of the striking images that are captured in our herb back splashes and spectacular large herb panels.

    Our 12" x 18" herb panels are stocked in greenware, ready to be painted and fired. Tiles are usually shipped in 2-3 weeks.