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Floral Tiles Color Samples

     Stillwater Porcelain’s Floral Tiles are available with soft washed background colors. The intricate raised images of the flowers, branches and leaves are enhanced by the colored glazes pooling in the crevices. This is listed on the Price Sheet as “Color-washed only”.

     "Hand-painted” tiles are enhanced with colorfully-painted leaves, flowers and branches, using the same "washed in color” tiles as background. Please note that the background glaze color could affect the shade of the glazed leaves, etc.

     The samples of Stillwater Porcelain’s background colors are available with a Shiny Glaze or Matte finish.

     Because they are dense porcelain, our high-quality ceramic tiles are durable, chip-resistant, and scrubbable.

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     2” Floral Tile color background samples are $3.00 each, with FREE shipping. *Please select color and finish for each sample.

     Stillwater Porcelain’s durable ceramic tiles are sculpted from high quality porcelain clay. All tiles are meticulously hand-painted with colored glazes that are fired in.

     The characteristic beauty of handmade tile is subtle variations of shade, color and size. Although we make an effort to be consistent, tile produced for individual orders may very slightly from displayed samples.

*Offered as a service for the cost of shipping, for sample purposes only. Duplicate samples will not be shipped.

Questions, please feel free to call and speak with Pat.