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Stillwater Porcelain’s exquisite handmade FLORAL TILES are sculpted from our own complex unique molds, created from actual New England WILDFLOWERS in bloom. The result is expressions of spectacular raised relief of branches, leaves and vibrant flowers. Custom BOTANICAL TILES are cut to size and thickness, as requested.

Stillwater's porcelain botanical decorative tiles, borders, panels and murals may be incorporated into a number of architectural tiling projects, including KITCHEN BACKSPLASHES , BATHROOMS , FIREPLACES , cabinet and stair facings, friezes, and tabletops.

Stillwater's customized warm-toned background colors include off-white, soft green, light cobalt blue and light tan.... chosen to compliment countertops, cabinets and walls. We paint the realistic textures on our ceramic wild flower tiles with colored glazes that are fired into each piece. The hand-painted tile is completed with a matte or shiny finish. Matching Stillwater Porcelain field tiles are also available. tiles are available in standard 1/4" thickness, or 3/8" (custom-cut "thick"). Because they made of dense porcelain, our high-quality ceramic wall tiles are durable, chip-resistant and washable.

Stillwater's wall tile with floral designs is stunning home decor. Tiles may also be installed outdoors, and are guaranteed to remain vibrant, weathering all seasons. Hook(s) affixed to the back of the tile are an option, converting the tile or panel to a freestanding piece of wall art.

Note: Stillwater’s porcelain tiles are fired to 2200 degrees, and are as hard as stone. As one can imagine, they are impervious to moisture, perfect for showers and back splashes. All glazes are fired into the piece, and are not able to be rubbed off. They can be brushed and vigorously scrubbed. Solvents, even bleach, may be used to clean the surfaces.

*The characteristic beauty of handmade porcelain is its subtle variations of shade, color, texture and size. Tiles washed with colored glazes produced for individual orders may vary slightly from displayed samples. We are not able to issue a refund for custom-designed tiles.