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Stillwater’s elegant porcelain herb tiles are sculpted from molds that are created from actual herb plants. Delicate sprigs of marjoram and thyme, fennel with bulbous stems and intricate feathery plumes, the striking colorful flowers of the garlic plant, and the ruffles of parsley leaves are some of the striking relief images that are captured in our herb backsplashes and spectacular large herb panels. Striking herb images are realistically raised up from each piece in detailed relief (not pressed in).

Order online for most popular tiles with off-white background, hand-painted leaves & blossoms, and a shiny glaze finish. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Phone or email to order our exquisite handmade herb tiles in custom sizes and thicknesses. Hand-painted 1/8” green border is available. Written name of herb is an option.

Customized background colors include off-white, soft green, light cobalt blue and tan…chosen to compliment countertops, cabinets and walls. Herb tiles that are "Color Washed” (with watered-down glazes) accentuate the dramatic textures of leaves, etc. for a subtle and elegant effect. “Hand-painted ” refers to the painting of every leaf & blossom over the chosen background color. Tiles are completed with an optional matte or shiny glass finish. Because they are made of dense porcelain, our high-quality ceramic tiles are durable, chip resistant and washable. Matching "Field Tiles” are available.