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Shell Tile Installations

16” x 16” Blue-washed Mural Installed in Shower

12” x 12” Blue Crab Mural Surrounded by Stone Field Tiles

12” x 15” Beach-Scape Panel with 4” Shell Decos Corners, Mosaic Trim

Fiji Tan, Matte 16” x 16”  Mural Front Side of Stone Bench in Shower

Shell Tiles in Shower

2" Dots Artfully Framed in Shower

4” x 12” Assorted Beach-scape Panels with 1” Shell Trim Borders

Shell Tiles Installed in Floor

Shower with Shell Tile Accents

Shell Backsplash Mural, Frame Matches Cabinets. Blue matte finish

13.5” x 15.5” Shell Mural in Shower, 2” Shell Trim, Fiji Tan matte finish

Shell Tile Installations