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Large Shell Tiles

10” shell tiles feature large seashells in astonishing relief.

Same tiles also available in 8” size. Phone or email to custom-order...

size of shell remains the same. Stunning relief ! The horseshoe crab and the conch shell are 1" - 1.25" high !


Set of two 14” shrimp panels are topped with long, willowing feelers. Solid porcelain, these unusually big shell tiles are a design masterpiece. Stunning sea creatures are surrounded by a durable, washable sand dune glaze.

Custom colors:

A 10% charge is added to a shell tile order with a custom-colored background.

Tiles individually washed with a glaze color for a specific order may vary slightly from displayed samples, and from one another. It is recommended that all tiles in an order be painted and fired at the same time, for optimum color co-ordination.

We are not able to issue a refund for custom-designed tiles.