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Stillwater Porcelain's seashore tiles are sculpted from our own handmade molds, created from actual shells and ocean creatures. Striking shell images are realistically raised up from each decorative beach tile and panel in detailed relief (not pressed in). Surrounded by sand dune glaze, a Stillwater Porcelain's shell tile backsplash compliments countertops and field tiles, including granite, marble and travertine.

Seashell tiles are available in standard 1/4" thickness, or custom 3/8" THICK.

Because Stillwater Porcelain's glazes are fired in, our 100% porcelain shell tiles are durable and washable. Choose to install as shell wall tiles, or hang tile pieces as wall art with an ocean theme (with permanently attached hooks). These ceramic seashell tiles are stunning home decor, but may also be displayed outdoors, all seasons.

Shell Wall Art
Shell wall art, porcelain shell plaques with hooks