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Seashell Tiles


Shell tiles are featured surrounded by glistening “sand dune” glaze. The off-white color of a natural sandy beach compliments most countertops and field tiles, especially granite and marble.

Stillwater Porcelain’s ocean tiles, large shell panels, and seashell murals are sculpted from our own handmade molds, created from actual shells and ocean creatures. Realistic images, combined with glazes that are fired in, result in shell tiles that are durable, chip-resistant, and scrubbable.

Note: Stillwater’s porcelain tiles are fired to 2200 degrees, and are as hard as stone. As one can imagine, they are impervious to moisture, perfect for showers and backsplashes. All glazes are fired into the piece, and are not able to be rubbed off. They can be brushed and vigorously scrubbed. Solvents, even bleach, may be used to clean the surfaces.

Beach tiles are also available in soft washed colors. The intricate raised images of the shells are enhanced by the colored glazes pooling in the crevices. Choose from Blue, Fiji Tan, Seafoam, Salmon, Green, or Brilliant White. The colored shell tiles are completed with a matte or clear shiny finish. To order color samples, click on "COLORS" button below.

*Matching “plain” field tiles are also available.

*Seashell tiles are available in standard ¼” thickness, or 3/8” “thick” (custom-cut) Custom order? Add details to "Order Comments" when checking out.