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9" X 15" Plaques

Stillwater Porcelain’s 9” x 15” large, elegant wildflower plaques with hooks are hand-made from high quality porcelain clay, using unique molds created from actual flowers, branches and leaves, featured in stunning relief. Edges are rough-cut, and the pieces have a natural off-white background with a matte finish for a rustic look. Display these popular ceramic plaques to stand alone, or grouped with Stillwater’s realistic floral plaque designs for a striking botanical display.

Stillwater’s pieces of floral wall art are hand-painted with colorful glazes that are fired in, therefore are durable and washable. Wall plaques are able to be displayed indoors or out, all seasons. Two sawtooth hooks are affixed to the back with commercial grade epoxy glue.

We promise that there will be slight variations... that every piece is a unique, handmade work of art.