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Stillwater Porcelain is Closing

Dear Friends and Customers,

After nearly 25+ years creating and selling our unique porcelain products, it is time to close the business and retire.    It has truly been a pleasure to serve our many customers of the years and we will miss all of you.

Shell tiles and herb tiles will be available online while supplies last. 

We will be in our gallery through the end of December and part time in January with deeply discounted prices. In January we will hold a final sale to sell and give away store displays, office supplies, furniture and equipment.

Our product line has truly been unique and never copied. The business will not be sold and all our original molds will remain with Pat. This means your Stillwater Porcelain pieces will  truly be rare heirloom items.

The staff has had great fun working together. Their painstaking efforts produced amazing works of art. It is sad to be ending the close knit Stillwater community, but it is time to move on to the next phase of life.

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers.